BusinessFirst workers’ comp gives professional firms superior customer value

At BusinessFirst, we believe you should expect more from your workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Our top-notch customer service, customized safety programs and competitive dividend plans create a workers’ comp policy designed to deliver more value to business owners just like you.

“It’s common for business owners to view workers’ compensation as a line item on their financial statements—a commodity where all insurance carriers are the same. As a preferred risk market, our service model focuses on delivering a premium product to change that perception. Eligible employers receive service benefits and dividend opportunities not routinely available in the marketplace,” says Thomas S. Petcoff, president of BusinessFirst. “At BusinessFirst, we have a long history and positive reputation of marketing products that bring value to our policyholders.”

Robert Newsome, owner of Robert T. Newsome Insurance Agency and long-time BusinessFirst policyholder agrees. “As an independent insurance agent, I work with many different workers’ comp companies, and BusinessFirst is the one I chose to insure my agency. The customer service we receive from BusinessFirst is out of this world. Once you’re a BusinessFirst policyholder, it will raise your standards when it comes to what you expect from a workers’ comp carrier.”

BusinessFirst policyholders have access to experienced loss control consultants who can conduct on-site safety evaluations and recommend ways to help prevent costly accidents and help increase dividend potential. “They work alongside policyholders, getting to know their businesses to create custom safety solutions that fit their needs,” says Newsome.

BusinessFirst’s competitive dividend programs give policyholders with strong safety records the opportunity to earn back a portion of their workers’ compensation premium at the end of each policy year. The lower a business keeps its total claims costs during a policy year, the higher the potential safety dividend. “I’m always confident marketing the BusinessFirst dividend plans to my clients because I know they will deliver. BusinessFirst has declared dividends every year since its inception—and the company’s financial stability is a strong indicator that it will continue to do so for many years,” says Newsome.

To find out if you qualify for workers’ compensation coverage through BusinessFirst, click here to find an independent insurance agent who markets our products in your area. Robert Newsome, owner of Robert T. Newsome Insurance agency, has been in the insurance industry for over 34 years and specializes in commercial lines and workers’ compensation. Note: Dividends are declared at the discretion of the board of directors and are not guaranteed. Policyholders must meet minimum requirements to participate.