why businessfirst?

BusinessFirst is committed to providing you with tailored workers’ compensation insurance solutions to help you control your comp costs. We provide workers’ comp coverage to retail and wholesale stores, hospitals, restaurants, automotive dealers – many types of businesses. We understand the safety needs of your business and are always available to assist you. We will work closely with you to develop a safe environment for employees with a focus on prevention. Our goal is to lower your claims costs – and we promise to never stop finding ways to better serve our policyholders.

At BusinessFirst, we understand that customer service is nonnegotiable. That’s why we partner with Summit, the people who know workers’ comp®, to handle our day-to-day business operations. Summit Consulting LLC is a managing general agent with nearly 40 years of experience in workers’ compensation—and has been managing BusinessFirst since day one. The hassle-free services we offer include:

• Easy injury reporting—via phone or online (24/7)
• Trained staff who answer our phones, so you won’t get caught up in an automated answering system
• Free posters and safety program materials
• Instant access to online policy information, loss history and mod information
• Safety consultants available to help identify potential injury situations and offer safety tips and advice